Autumn is here and so is the time when all of the leaves fall off the trees. What a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Grab those rakes, your loved ones or friends and start raking those leaves. You can make a game out of it to make it fun while getting in some exercise.

Here are some personal trainer hits on how to make it a fun activity and not one that you dread. As a personal trainer I encourage my clients that have children to get rakes of different sizes, give everyone a rake and pick a place on the lawn to make a pile. Everyone then races to finish raking there leaves into the designated pile. The first person that finished their area first gets to jump into the pile of leaves.

How about this personal trainer raking leaves game. While raking you pick a different activity for all involved to partake in while raking the leaves to the pile. Here are some examples: Rake the leaves in front of you then hop to the mini pile keep raking the pile and hopping until you get that mini pile to the larger pile. Once you get to the larger pile, pick a different activity such as skipping. Everyone can pick a different activity. Want another activity? After all of the leaves are in the large pile and need to be placed in bags or a garbage can you can do jumping jacks after you pick up some leaves and place them in the container you are using. The next time you place leaves in the container run around the pile until you reach your spot.

Raking leaves has never been more fun.

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