Youth Training

I work with youth one-on-one to teach them about nutrition, help them lose weight, improve fitness, increase strength, improve endurance, improve cardiovascular conditioning, improve coordination, and sports conditioning.

I am committed to making a difference in your child’s life with the power of positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Train Your Body Fitness teaches your child how to play games, exercise in ways that help their growing bodies get in shape, learn new eating habits for keeping a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. The parents see a noticeable difference in their child’s self-esteem, posture and social behavior.

Benefits of Youth Training:

*Increase strength

*Build muscle

*Burn fat

*Better nutrition

*Improve endurance

*Improve flexibility

*Improve self-esteem


Teen Training

I determine what your teen is capable of and teach them how to exercise safely, effectively, and importantly how to have some fun so these habits stick into adulthood. Increasing your child’s physical fitness and overall body conditions on a regular bases improves the following below.

Benefits of Teen Training

*Increased strength

*Protection from injury

*Better health

*Higher self-esteem and confidence

*Increased overall body-tone

*Increased concentration

*Decrease in mood swings

*Decreased stress

*Decreased weight

*Better and more restful sleep patterns


Reasons you want your Youth or Teen to train with Train Your Body Fitness:

*Sports specific training: Athletes need specialized training and children who want to pursue sports may want or need help to strengthen their bodies, increase their power and endurance and protect them from injuries.

As a personal trainer for youth and teens I have the knowledge to teach your child how to lift weights the correct way, set-up a personalized program that fits your child’s age, goals and fitness level.

Working one-on-one with Train Your Body Fitness ensures a safe environment for them to get fit and strong without feeling self-conscious.