3 Things Not to Do Before a Race

  1. Don’t Give Yourself a Rubdown – kneading your calves or hamstrings right before a run actually make your muscles underperform. This is because it relaxes your muscles too much. Save the massage for after you cross the finish line, that is when you will need it.
  2. Don’t Load Up on Fiber – Three days before a race cut back on bran, beans and cruciferous veggies or the only running you will be doing is for the Porte-Potty. Too much roughage can mess up your digestion making you feel bloated and gassy. You should eat a high-carb, low fiber pre-race meal like a peanut butter smoothie or a bowl of Cream of Wheat with banana.
  3. Don’t Stretch – Despite what a lot of trainers tell you, stretching before an endurance event can actually slow you down and it may do nothing to prevent injury. It’s a controversial topic, but Kris from Train Your Body Fitness, LLC and research states that the best warm-up is to get moving. Jog slowly for a few minutes, and stretch your muscles post-race instead.

What To Do On 5K, 10K Or Any Race Day

This question comes up a lot, what better place to give you some pointers. Kris Scibetta who is a Master Trainer in New Jersey and is the owner of Train Your Body Fitness, LLC has this advise to give to about race day.

The morning of the race – if you get sick before running or working out try this: Eat a 200-calorie carb based snack as soon as you get out of bed. This snack can be a slice of whole-wheat toast with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, or oatmeal with 1 percent milk and half of a banana. Also an hour before the race snack again these two mini meal snacks will give you sustained energy without making you feel sick or weighted down like one large breakfast.

That number they give you at the race to wear. I have news for you it goes on the front of your shirt. Use the safety pins they give you to attach it to the front of your shirt (hint do not use the precut holes they tear during the run and oops where is your number).

You need to pace yourself. Whatever you do resist the urge to sprint out of the gates, believe me you will burn out. Start off slow and pick up your pace as you go along. If you are running a 5K then pick up speed around the 2K mark and if you are running a 10K then pick up speed around the 5K mark only pick up speed if you are feeling good.

The water stations along the way. Take this advice always head to the last volunteer in the assembly line. Grab your cup, pinch the rim of the cup and pour the water in your mouth. Now isn’t that life changing? Drop that cup on the ground it is not littering when you are in a race in fact it is expected.

Just because the weather is getting cooler out does not mean that you forgo the sunblock. Make sure you apply an SPF with at least 50 to protect your skin.

Beware of the free fruit salad, bagel, cookies, banana, granola bar, energy chews and sports drink they will dole out after the race. What you really need immediately post-race is water and a 200-calorie snack with carbs and protein to refuel your muscles. This can be a protein shake, some cheese (and please not the string cheese) or an apple.

Now is your time to brag you earned bragging rights and not just to family, but also to friends and co-workers you earned it!

Want to train for a 5K or a 10K, feel free to contact Train Your Body Fitness, LLC for all of your training and coaching needs.