I hear this often from women I train: A woman complains about the dreaded detox diet she’s on, where she basically starves herself for a week to the point of weeping – until – bingo!! She wakes up one morning energized, lighter and thankful for the torture and lost 3 pounds (sorry to bust your bubble it is mostly water weight, and possibly a little body fat and lean muscle). What she doesn’t know is now her body is on dimmer which means her body has learned to function on fewer calories by slowing her metabolism.

Lets fast forward to when she finally does eat normally again, her body will be so efficient that it will store that influx of calories as fat. Lesson here is the detox set her up to gain back any weight she lost and plus more. So, those 3 pounds she lost now become 6 or more pounds gained back in weight.  This type of detox also makes your body lose lean muscle, which is what you want to keep. Losing water weight and body fat is the goal when you detox. The objective when detoxing is to keep your metabolism high which in turn burns body fat, reduced water weight and gets you the body you want.  But, you have to detox correctly and not by starving yourself.

Here is what I do. I get hungry just like you. I work out and need calories to function to keep my metabolism high. My busy schedule means I have to grab and go, just like you. I also live in a household of hungry people who are waiting to have a real diner and two dogs who need to be fed and taken out for a walk. I think you can relate to this.

What we all need is a healthier way to detox, reboot and drop a few pounds without missing out on food. I created a detox that never deprives you of food and calories but keeps you full and burning tons of calories to lose weight for good.

Years ago I did a detox diet. I wanted to lose 15 pounds, so I cut down on simple carbs and substituted veggies, protein and healthy fats  – and the results were  – drum roll please! It took me just 6 weeks, without ever being hungry or miserable to lose those 15 pounds. People around me friends, family, clients wanted to know the secret. The response was my detox and working out. It takes one week to lose 2 pounds and it works. With this detox you can do it over and over again to lose however many pounds you like.

The result a healthier, fitter, sexier you.

For help with your fitness and nutritional goals contact me today to get stared.