Winter Time. Cabin Fever?  Get Out side!

With grey skies, cold temps, snow and slush you are sure to get cabin fever.

Here are ways to not get cabin fever. Put on your earmuffs, scarves and gloves and head outside to get some fresh air. This is the best way to improve your mental and physical health. Time outside even if it is for 5 short minutes will decrease your blood pressure, heart rate and tension levels and will improve your mood and energy as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.   Being outside will help your self-esteem and improve your sleep quality, concentration and immunity. The bonus is the vitamin D your body makes from the sun and the how it keeps your bones strong.

How do you get these benefits when it is cold outside – play 10 minutes of fetch with your dog – mine loves to pay catch me if you can and we chase each other in the yard.   Drive to a park and go for a walk on the path or nature trail. Go for a walk after dinner with a loved one or friend and if you have a dog bring the pooch with you as well. Take the kids outside and look up at the clear crisp sky at the stars. Sip your tea or coffee on a park bench and not inside at the café.

Get outside and stay healthy physically and mentally.