Holiday tips to keep you on track while you go to work, visiting family and friends this holiday season.

  • Set a goal that you will indulge in one item that you do not have any other time of the year. Lets say that your mom only makes a special dish or dessert indulge. This is your one cheat day. You do not get many of them so enjoy.
  • Bring healthy food with you. This will help you stay away from all the unhealthy choices. Plus you are guaranteed to have things you can eat that are healthy choices.
  • Fill your plate with fresh fruit, raw vegetables and healthy food. Have a plan that you will only pick five cheat food items and only have one or two bites to satisfy your craving.
  • Do not skip meals. Starving your self so that you can cheat makes you hungrier and then you over eat. Remember eat all of your meals as if it is anyother day.
  • The munchies are your enemy. Be mentally connected to your body are you emotionally, socially or realistically hungry?
  • Do not add added calories. Stay away from the gravy on top of the turkey, eat the sweet potatoes and stay away from the gray and butter.
  • Drink water and plenty of it. If you do not like plain water add a lemon to it as a natural sweetner. By drinking water you will know if your body is really hungry or you are having false hunger signals.
  • Stay away from high calorie alcholic beverages. Drink lite beer or red wine instead. In between drinks have sparkling water with lemon. This helps keep your hands busy and your alcohol intake low.
  • Eat before you arrive at holiday parties. Eat protein ad complex carbohydrates they keep you feeling fuller longer.
  • Keep your plate clean. Take small portions eat slowly and when you are done put your napkin over your plate. This lets people know you are done.

If you have any nutrition questions or how to stay on track before, during and after the holiday’s contact me for nutrition counseling.