Did you know that you should be using lotion every day? Applying lotion after you take your shower or bath is the best time to keep your skin hydrated. Lotion/Moisturizing at this time helps seal in hydration, which is lost while bathing. This should be part of your daily routine; as soon as you pat your skin dry you should apply lotion/moisturizer.

As a Personal Trainer, I also inform my clients that when you moisturize it helps to keep your skin looking young and healthy.  If you think about it “Who wants to look older than they really are”? Not me….I want to look younger than I am.   That is why I use moisturizing lotion every day from head to toe. This also helps when you lift weights to keep in shape. You skin will stretch and lotion help keeps your skin hyrdated so you do not get stretch marks.

In the colder months it is also important to use lotion/moisturizer to prevent your skin from becoming to dry and dehydrated. No one likes dry itchy skin…I know I don’t.  I also don’t want my skin to get unnessessary stretch marks from lifting weights.

Make sure that you are using the correct type of moisturizer for each part of your body…remember you face is your face not consider part of your body. So be sure to read labels just as you should be for the foods that you consume. Since your face is exposed to the elements you might consider using a lotion that has SPF.

Clients, ask me which lotions/moisturizers they should use. My best advise is one that is for your skin type and that you like and makes you feel good.   As a Personal Trainer – two things I know is that I always want to feel great and look young…don’t you?