There are a few things you can do when you are on the road to weight loss that will get you to your goal weight faster.

I will talk about each one here.

  1. Nutrition is important when you are trying to and looking to lose weight. You need to ditch your trigger foods. Triggers are different for everyone bags of chips, tubs of pretzels, candy, cookies, cake, or ice cream. You need to get rid of anything that is a weakness for you to eat. Toss any of the above and any other foods you have weakness to immediately. Swap out your forbidden foods for healthier replacements.   Here is an option indulge in fresh fruit after a meal. The sweetness of the fresh fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  2. Keeping your kitchen clean aids in weight loss. It has been proven that a messy space contributes to overeating. Look around your kitchen and take in what is in plain view. Studies done by Cornell University shows that if you display junk food on the counter you will weigh an average of 20 pounds more than people who put food away and don’t have junk food in the kitchen (or house).
  3. Be accountable. What do I mean by this, keep a food journal of everything you eat (even if it is just a bite of this and a bite of that) all of those bites add up to calories. This way you can track your calorie intake and make adjustments. Research has shown that journaling what you eat can double your weight loss. You can see where you are cheating and on the other hand you can see what is working in your favor and assist you in your weight loss journey. Journaling is my favorite way of keeping me on track.
  4. Support, Support, Support. Whether it is family, friends or strangers if you share your weight loss journey and the road you are on with other it is a powerful motivator to keep on your nutrition and exercise regimen and reach your weight loss goals. The way I get my motivation is by checking in with a family member and a close friend that motivate me to exercise and encourage me to eat healthy foods.
  5. Portion control, Portion control, Portion control. So many of us underestimate how much we are eating at one sitting. Invest in smaller plates to teach yourself portion sizes. I eat all of my meals off of small desert plates.
  6. Number of Meals to eat each day. This is a tricky question because some people have food addictions. If you have a love for food and are suggested to eat 6 small meals a day you will be come focused on food all day long. This does not aide in your weight loss journey. If you are not food obsessed then eating 6 small meals a day will work for you. This aides in keeping your metabolism high and your body does not enter starvation mode. I found eating 3 meals a day was not good for me and have been eating 6 small meals a day to maintain my weight loss goals with nutrition.
  7. Breakfast the don’t skip meal. Eating soon after waking jump starts your metabolism and helps ward off munchies for junk food or bad choices. This is the time of day you should eat like a Queen or a King. A nice healthy breakfast of egg whites and veggies with fresh fruit on the side and a half cup of plain oatmeal makes for a great protein choice, a slow burning carb and added fiber.
  8. Cook at home. Do you know that if you prepare your own meals at home you will consume fewer calories, carbs, sugar and fat then people who rarely cook. If you find you have no time to cook at home during the week try this trick cook for the week or a minimum of three days during the week and freeze the food or place it in air tight containers to keep it fresh. This will take the stress and the excuse of no time to cook out of your meals.
  9. Eat fiber and fats. You see fiber expands in your stomach and takes time to digest; both help keep you feeling fuller longer. Here are some good sources of fiber – whole grains, veggies and whole fruit (not juiced). Healthy fats are olive and nut oils in moderation will improve flavor, give you energy and assist your body to use certain nutrients. A healthy fat that is a favorite of mine is avocado.
  10. Start at home. This is where a mobile personal trainer comes in handy. You see when you are at your heaviest it can be intimidating to step into a gym. Working out in your own space is easier to schedule; you can exercise first thing in the morning, or when the baby is taking a nap, all without leaving your house. Just wait for the door bell to ring and your exercise session to begin.

If you have any questions, or need assistance please feel free to contact me using the contact form.